Hello, I am Oscar Phoenix and I welcome  my website where you will find out how working together we can we reignite that Healing Spirit Within you to get you to a better place in life. 

As Emotional & Wellbeing Coach  I facilitate positive life changing transformations . Perhaps you have come off track, got stuck or are carrying too much old baggage of the past.  

My mission is to restore the balance back into your life by re-aligning you to your true path.  Working together I  explore and identify the emotional root cause to your physical and / or psychological illness that you present and we then proceed to manage it with one or more   of the many therapeutic interventions.   

Would you like to be free from redundant behaviours

and limiting beliefs?

That is what we can do for you.  We can help you make sense of life's events  and confirm the path or purpose you have in life.  Perhaps you have come off track, got stuck or are carrying too much old baggage of the past .  We will re-connect you with your Healing Spirit within you to clear the redundant making way for the new.   With our experience and skills we will design a unique and powerful Life Transformational Programme  specific to your goals.    

I will assist you in getting to know who you really are and to love yourself even more, through Soul Path, Matrix Reimprinting, EFT or any of the other services provided.  This  work is complementary to your medical treatment  that you may be receiving and  we support it.  

My approach is to listen to you and facilitate the transformations at a pace that you are comfortable with  to become the happy person you want and can be.  

You visited this site today for a reason and  do you realise just how big a step you have taken to commence the transformation in your life?

Please visit the following pages  and we look forward to welcoming to Healing Spirit Within in person and manifesting that radiant, healthy and happy you.   We are equipped, we are ready and we await your call.  

You can read more about Oscar on the About  page.

Oscar Phoenix Ph.D.

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Oscar's work is inspired, it has helped me understand my life path much more fully,

the twists and turns which have lead me to my present situation in life and the directions

I need to take in the future.

What Oscar does  is brilliant!!

Karl Dawson

Hay House Publisher & Creator of Matrix Reimprinting



I have a strong belief  in the role of complementary medicine in bringing about healing and well being.  Working together we harmonise your mind, body and soul.  

Complementary Therapies are used to facilitate the positive transformations that you seek.  

Why not give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your requirements and hear how I can assist you find the answers you seek?  

In the following pages you will find details of the services on offer, courses and workshops and how you can connect with us.

Remember nearly all of the services can be accessed via SKYPE or phone too, so  wherever you are in the World Healing Spirit Within is here for you. 


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